summer aupair 2004

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miriam [email protected]

summer aupair 2004

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hello my name is miriam,i am 21 years old and i am looking for a job as summer aupair in sweden.i am german and live in the netherlands,i worked here as aupair for 10 months until july this year.i love being with children and travelling.<br>are u interested?please contact me: [email protected] please mail because i dont check this site that often.<br>thank you.bye miriam

Hana Simkova simkovahanka

summer aupair 2004

Beitrag von Hana Simkova simkovahanka »

Hi, I am a 24 years old female student (Faculty of Pedagogy) from the Czech Republic and I would like to spend the summer (1-2 months) as an aupair in UK. I am experienced in caring children and babysitting. I have very positive relationship to kids. Housework and cooking is not problem for me. Please, if you are interested, let me know.<br> E-mail:[email protected]<p>

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