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Roman Illin

seek a family in Sweden

Beitragvon Roman Illin » 16. April 2005 10:38

Dear friends,<br>In this short letter I wanna introduce myself detailed, tell you . my planes for my stay in your country, why I have chosen Sweden for this job. <br>My name is Roman Illin, I am 24, I come form Northern Ukraine. Last year I have graduated from the pedagogical university, where I studied German and English. After the graduating I wanted to begin studying in IT but unfortunately I didn’t get an university place. So I decided to become aupair and to make a pause between 2 studies. Why did I decide in favor of aupairjob? While studying the first time after the fifth semester I interrupted studies and have already worked aupair in Germany. On the one hand it was a good rest and on the other hand a very good practice as educator and teacher, that was priceless for me.<br>Of course not everything was as perfect as I had imagined before. Sometimes I did mistakes, sometimes the demands of the family were to great. But despite it I have learned very much, what I wasn’t able to learn “theoretically”. Every young man as father or mother tries to do his or her best to educate the kids in the right way. But without experience we do many mistakes. I hope, I’ll be able to avoid those mistakes, I had done or the parents in my host family did, because for me it was a nice possibility and lesson to observe them.<br>I’m a philologist and for me it’s very important to learn more languages. Unfortunately I don’t speak nederlands at all, but I know that it is like English and German, so I think it would not be a problem. <br>But most of all of course I’m interested in culture, mentality, ideas, dreams. It could help me to improve my world inside. I wanna use all my knowledge in your children’s and yours favor and I hope that this way I could leave a part of me, of my culture and country by you and to learn a part of Sweden in your family.<br>You are seeking an aupair and I hope to pass all your demands. It’s not easy to tell . myself and the other people could do it better but I’m sure, that we will spend the next year in harmony.<br>I have worked only with little children (5 month – the goddaughter of my sister till 5 years – three kids in the Family in Germany, also my nephews, the kids of my friends), but as teacher I also worked with elderly children. <br>The work around the house is not a problem for me, but i am not so good in preparing „difficult“ meals.<br>I can look after the kds, help doing homeworks, bring them to bed, reads stories, play with them. If you need it, I can do light houseworks.<br>I love kids very much, am kind-hearted, nice, very open, humorous.<br>The circle of my interests is rather wide: programming, sci-fi, astronomy, football, languages and I would be glad, if I could have a possibility and means to arrange a part of my free time so meaningfully.<br>I think that was all. I tried to express myself shortened and hope I succeeded. I will impatient wait for a personal conversation.<br>Sincerely yours<p>Roman Illin<br>Wijskowe misteczko 12, 56 – 1<br>17504 Pryluky<br>Ukraine<br>Tel +038 04637 75467<p>

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