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Live with our family in Sweden? - Helpout in our household i

Beitragvon Gunilla Ask gunilla.ask@t » 25. Juli 2004 17:42

Do you want to try life in Sweden and learn swedish in a family environment? We would like to host you in our home while you discouver Sweden.<p>We can not pay any salary, only provide a big room of your own and free meals.<p>In return we need your help with our little dog, dog-aupair. That is to be/stay at home daytime weekdays so the dog need not be alone more than 3-4 hours when we are at work. We will also want help with householdchores and expect that you will enjoy to be a big sister, supportperson/friend and languagepartner to our two teenage-daughters (14 and 15 years old), who both have diabetes. You must natively speak one of the languages german, french or English and want to learn Swedish and you must be a citizen of from one of the following countries, Germany, Schweiz, Austria, France or Britain. You must be a nonsmoker, not have serious food allergies, you must be female and between 17-22. We would like you to come from 1 of september until christmas or longer. It is very possible to combine living with us with other studies or an other job in Sweden. If you have diabetes – no problem. Welcome with your application!<br>

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