Driving from Copenhagen to Oslo

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Driving from Copenhagen to Oslo

Beitragvon tutu10 » 9. April 2019 09:42

Hi all
My wife, three year old son and I are planning to drive from Copenhagen (having already driven there from Hamburg) to Oslo along the Swedish coast via Gothenburg. I wonder if this is a nice/scenic drive in mid-June or whether we should plan for another route perhaps? We have 13 days to get from Hamburg to Hamburg, what we do in-between isn’t fixed yet. We’d like so see some more of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We’ve been to Stockholm and Copenhagen before so don’t plan to spend any time in the former and only a day in the latter. If anyone has tips on whether the drive from Copenhagen to Oslo can be made fun or whether we should perhaps veer east and proceed via Växjö, Kalmar, Norrköping, Örebro, Karlstad to Oslo that would be great. Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Driving from Copenhagen to Oslo

Beitragvon Flomi » 11. April 2019 15:02


The drive on the E6 itself is motorway all the way to Oslo. Convenient and fast, but not remarkably scenic.

If I were you, I'd stay in Denmark and drive to Helsingør. There's lots to see on the island of Sjælland north of Copenhagen. Beautiful beaches, nice villages, museums, old viking ships in Roskilde...

Then, take the ferry Helsingør-Helsingborg (20 min). Drive north on E6. The area around Halmstad and Varberg has beautiful sandy beaches with shallow water, really nice for small kids. Göteborg is well worth one day of visiting.

The west coast north of Göteborg is extraordinarily beautiful. Spend as much time on the smaller roads west of E6 motorway as you can. Visit the scenic fishing villages on Orust and Tjörn. Don't miss Smögen, Fjällbacka, Grebbestad, Strömstad, the archipelago of the islands of Koster. Just to mention a few. It's a trip you won't regret.

The alternative route Växjö, Kalmar, Norrköping, Örebro, Karlstad is quite boring compared to the west coast of Bohuslän.

If you don't want to go the same route on your way back, there are lots of possibilities. Color line is running an overnight ferry from Oslo to Kiel. Another overnight trip by ferry is Göteborg-Kiel.


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Re: Driving from Copenhagen to Oslo

Beitragvon EuraGerhard » 12. April 2019 09:44


I fully agree to what Flomi has written. However, it depends a bit on the season: In July, many beaches will be packed full with tourists, and close to the coast it will be difficult to find places to stay for the night. Should there be bad weather while you are north of Gothenburg, then Bohusläns Museum in Uddevalla is highly recommended.

And should you drive with a rental car and want to use car ferries, then check in advance with the hire company whether you are allowed to do so.

Best Regards,

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