Are YOU searching for an Au Pair?

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Are YOU searching for an Au Pair?

Beitragvon Kati » 4. Januar 2005 12:36

Hej!<p>I am a nearly 20yrs old German girl that lives in England at the moment and works as an Au Pair. As I am not very pleased with my situation here in Britain , I am looking for another AU PAIR-JOB SOMEWHERE IN SWEDEN! At the moment I am in charge of tree children (ages 4-8, one of them has Down Syndrom) and I do the washing/ironing as well as cooking simple meals for the kids.<p>I am not necessaryly looking for a job with children. I'd also help elderly people with their household or smililar things.<p>I speak German and English fluently and I've just started to learn Swedish, but it's not good enough yet to communicate in Swedish only. I'd love to learn the language directly in Sweden.<p>I have got a driving license and I was driving in foreign countries (Denmark, UK) as well as in Germany, of course.<p>I could start as early as possible (from now on) and I have got time until Autumn 05 (as this is the time when university in Germany starts).<p>So in case you are interested, know someone who could be interested or have any advice or tips for me, do not hesitate to contact me! I'll be happy to answer any further questions by mail!<p>Tack,<br>Kati<br>

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